Sunday, November 9, 2014

Cutesy Maid.

Nothing like a cute/sexy maid to serve you. Whenever I am feeling submissive, I just put this on!

Hair-Truth hair, Lyma
Eyes-.::POMF::. M3 Head/Kemono Head, Stardust eyes
Lashes-Angel Rock Fluffy J-Curl lashes Vegas show girl
Eyebrows- .::POMF::. M3 Head/Kemono Head, Normal and cute brows
Skin--TSH- Rin M3 + Kemono, Pastel Zombies Pack
Shape-<UTILIZATOR> - Kemono (1.4+)
Outfit-Kemono Maid Dress
Choker-PB >> French Maid
Shoes-Rei's Stuff - Mary Janes for Kemono Humanfeet

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